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As the first step towards any aspiring PhD research project, your research proposal serves a specific purpose and needs to follow a well established format. 
Unlike other forms of writing, a PhD research proposal is a detailed plan of what you intend to do. It will need to be clear, concise and based on specific details. Your Academic Sciences PhD research proposal will be written using standard English, be grammatically precise, free from punctuation and/or spelling errors and strategically structured so that the reader can understand the intended direction and purpose clearly.
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Writing Your PhD Proposal

PhD Proposal Writing ServiceThe terms for writing a PhD proposal are very concise and must follow an established format.  More specifically, the synopsis is written using standard English; grammatically precise, free of punctuation and/or spelling errors, and strategically structured.  The structuring of a doctoral research PHD proposal has to include a detailed outline of what your thesis will entail and how it will be presented.  We deliver 100% customisable proposals that are in accordance to UK guidelines.

PhD research proposals are written as a part of the application process.  Generally, the format entails a specific guideline of about 3,000 words (on average) to describe your prospective on a chosen problem.  The proposal or synopsis clearly identifies the thesis proposition, what you hope to achieve, as well as the methodology you are planning to apply.  Utilising our PhD proposal writing service as a part of your application process will help to assess the originality of your ideas; whether you have the ability to think critically or efficiently enough to grasp the current and most relevant literature.

Each stage of the proposal undertakes a defined timeline, which would indicate that you are confident about your research area.  More so, the matter of which you fit into the Discipline Area’s research profile defines your research approach and that your potential for success is clearly evident.  With that being said, in addition to submitting your application, you are expected to enclose a sufficiently disciplined doctoral synopsis outline, to include:

  • Title
  • Overview of Research
  • Positioning of the Research
  • Research Design and Methodology
  • References

How We Can Help You Write Your PhD Proposal

Academic Sciences expert dissertation writers prepare well-researched thesis proposals for aspiring PhD candidates.  To ensure that you hand in a successful PhD proposal, we recommend that you place an order with our PhD proposal writing service.  Because you are considering a doctoral degree, you need a service that is affordable and offers qualified personal PhD dissertation writers.  Our graduate level professionals will help you by initiating the research, writing the chapters for your doctoral proposal, and finally, completing your entire custom-tailored PhD proposal based on your chosen subject.

The length and depth of the research proposal can vary in accordance with the subject undertaken but the key points the reader will be looking to evaluate are:   

What Any Good PhD Proposal Should Include

Usually you will be provided with some guidance regarding what is expected in terms of structure and format. As a general rule Academic Sciences include the following sections in all of our example dissertation proposals.  

Proposed Title

The importance of the title cannot be overstated. The title must be appropriate and concise and have impact. Ideally you will already have a title or topic area in mind before starting but we are happy to help with this.

Aims and Objectives

Setting out the Aims and Objectives is what will shape the project. What is it that the research will look to examine? What are the questions that will be answered? Aims are what the study wishes to end up with, Objectives are more specific and include the key research questions of the study. 

Background / Introduction

The introduction will provide both a background and summary of the proposed research. It will explain the topic in detail and why it has been chosen for the study. 

Literature Review

The literature review section of the proposal will show how previous research has influenced the proposed study. This may relate to the choice of research following the identification of a gap in previous knowledge, or the chosen method of research. The purpose is to clearly connect the literature back to the intended enquiry at the heart of the project.

Research Methods

The next section may be called ‘Research design’, ‘Methodology’, ‘Methods’, etc. In all cases this is a discussion of the reasoning behind the choice of approach and the tools/methods which will be utilised. Specifically, it will include: 
• The method of research and the tools chosen to collect and analyse the data, and why they have been chosen. We will discuss if there are any particular advantages and limitations discovered in previous research and how these will be addressed. 
• Which methods were rejected and why, and what may have been gained or lost by not using them. 
• What the ‘stance’ of the researcher is, detailing how this has affected the kinds of questions posed and the methods selected. 

Ethical Considerations

These procedures are defined by the course or University to suit the type of research proposed. 
If necessary, we ensure the proposal addresses the following: 
•  How any participants’ consent will be gained
•  How the participants will give informed consent
•  How participants’ confidentiality and anonymity will be protected
•  How the data collected be stored and for how long 
•  How the participants will gain access to the results of the research


This shows that the aim of the proposed research is to draw a conclusion and relate back to the aim/s and objectives proposed. 

Time Frame

Some proposals may require an intended timeline which breaks down the research process into sections, often in the form of a GANTT chart. If necessary, we allocate a set period for each task (weeks, days, hours) and the landmarks which will be achieved by these dates. This can help to monitor progress, and ensure the study is completed by the deadline.

References / Indicative References

A full reference list detailing of all the texts cited within the proposal will be compiled in the style required. Sometimes potential texts and research which has not yet been reviewed or discussed may also be required.

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Why Choose Academic Sciences: Not All Writing Services Are Created Equally

As an experienced and professional dissertation writing service, we can help with virtually all aspects of your dissertation. So if you’re just struggling with one particular section and would like some help, let us know and we will be glad to talk you through the process. You will find some of the most common elements we help with below.

Thesis Proposals

The first step on the road to undertaking a dissertation is usually to write a proposal. This vital body of work will outline your plan and state what you hope to achieve. A good proposal is the first foundation of a successful and well-structured final project.

Thesis Outlines

Whether you need help clarifying your research aims, finding your way around the literature, formulating your hypotheses, deciding which experimental and analytical methods employ, or structuring your chapters, an outline can help simplify everything.


The introduction informs the reader of the rationale underpinning the research project and is best written once in possession of all the facts. A good introduction tells the reader what answer is being sought and why this important to the area of research.

Literature Reviews

A literature review is the starting point of any good dissertation. Existing research will be explored and discussed in relation to your dissertation topic and research question. This is where you will identify any gaps in the current knowledge.


The methodology is a key chapter of any dissertation and one many students struggle with. The methodology will discuss the reasoning behind the specific research methods applied in the study and why these were chosen.


When it comes to writing up the results of your research, it is crucial that they are presented in a way that is clear, rigorous, well-structured, and readily understandable. It is imperative that you do so in a way that is maximally clear, rigorous, reliable, and coherent.


Far from simply summarising your empirical findings and drawing some conclusions, your analysis chapter should comprise the argumentative core of the entire thesis. As such, it is imperative that you get it right


The discussion will review and summarise what has been learnt from the results. The results will be interpreted and explained in context of the research question. The study approach will also be clearly justified and critically evaluated.


The conclusion pulls together the dissertation. This is a concise and engaging section, clearly answering the main research questions. The conclusion will summarise and reflect on the study whilst making recommendations for future research on the topic.

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