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Our Topic and Title Service will provide you all you need to gain approval to move forward with your research.  
Our uniquely qualified writers will create a topic and title specially tailored to your interests and subject of choosing. We have professional academic experts with high quality degrees in a huge range of academic fields, ensuring you will always be matched with the most suitable expert for your area of interest.

Expertly Researched Dissertation Topics

We fully understand the importance of a suitable topic or title for your research project – and just how difficult it can be to come up with that great idea to ensure a successful outcome. A Dissertation can seem like a hugely daunting endeavour, even more so when you’re not fully confident in your direction and are struggling to find the help you need. A strong, concise topic and title can make all the difference when it comes to achieving the results you need from your Dissertation. An unsuitable title can break a thesis and result in a less successful final grade.
Our Dissertation Topic & Title service has been designed to put you in contact with an experienced professional with expertise in your subject,. They will help you to compose a robust title to meet all of your requirements. Here’s the steps we take to make this happen:

Step 1

We gather any ideas or suggestions you currently have in relation to potential dissertation topics. Tell us which subjects you enjoyed studying and any specific areas of interest you have. We request that you are as specific as you can possibly be in order to create the most suitable Topic & Title for you.

Step 2

We match you with the most suitable academic expert for your subject and interests in order to compose a minimum of 3 separate topics for you to consider. Our expert will be directly qualified in the subject area you are studying in so you can be sure that they will be able to identify unique and relevant topics, just for you. 

Step 3

Your expert academic consultant will consider your suggestions and undertake reading and research on the subject. The will identify any compelling areas and explore these in depth. Whilst a successful dissertation should be original and thought provoking it still needs to look at the current body of research, only in a fresh and novel light. A strong foundation in existing literature is the key to creating an incredible title to move forward with.

Step 4

Subject to their background reading and research, our writer will settle upon a number of potential dissertation topics based upon your specific requirements. Each topic put forth will come with a full outline which will allow you to move forward with your proposal. This outline will detail the the topic and type of study you will need to undertake and potential point for discussion.

Step 5

In addition to each topic we provide a potential Dissertation title which will summarise the final Dissertation. We accompany this with a list of suggested sources, specific to the topic in question, in order for you to begin your own research and further reading around the subject. 

Our Title and Topic Service provides you with all you need to ensure your topic is approved and allows you to explore the topic in more depth.


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Regardless of your requirements, our writers will exceed your expectations with the original, plagiarism free and expertly written essays they produce. Quality worth shouting about.

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We pride ourselves in providing the best essay writing service in the UK by custom writing essays to your exact requirements. Here’s how we achieve the quality you expect:

We only use UK qualified academic writers with specialist knowledge in YOUR subject area

We work from YOUR instructions, taking care to fully review your guidance and work in accordance with this

Every order we complete is fully proofread and reviewed by our in-house specialists for QUALITY and ORIGINALITY

YOUR completed work will provide a range of analysis, be fully signposted and written in clear language

Completed projects are fully QUALITY ASSURED and checked to ensure that all arguments made are fully supported with relevant, current and credible academic sources.


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Get the Essay you Expect – Written according to your deadlines by qualified, UK educated writers

Increased Knowledge – Learn exactly what you need to know to write the best essay for your task

Time Management – Frees up your time so you can focus on exams or other assignments

Consultation – Suggesting new theories, approaches and viewpoints for you to explore

Resources and Research Strategies – Uniquely relevant and up-to-date research addressing your specific essay question

Structure – Essays presented in a logical format, with focal theories and cogent arguments

Concise – Experienced academic writers provide summaries of all you need to learn to get your desired grade

Quality – All essays written to the standard you order (2:1/1st/Distinction etc.)

Clarification – Will help you clearly understand any topic and its requirements

Relevant Background Information – What you really need to know to demonstrate a genuine understanding of your essay topic

Full Reference List – A fully compiled reference list is included as standard in any citation style you specify

No Plagiarism – Every essay comes with a free and full plagiarism check to validate it’s authenticity and originality


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