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Being able to not only read, but to thoroughly comprehend what you are reading is essential to university study. Academic reading is a significant part of studying and ultimately attaining your degree. Many students, just like you, lack the necessary reading skills at the university level to be successful. Fortunately, there are resources available for managing academic reading, such as tutoring, workshops, or individual advice sessions. Academic Sciences also provides how to study guides that are designed to help you with academic assignments and to improve your current reading skills.

First, it is important to look at possible reasons that you are experiencing difficulty reading, which ultimately affects your studying. Managing academic reading may be challenging for students who are new to advanced level education in the UK. For this reason, students should consider researching and preparing for university study in order to get a head start. Moreover, understanding what to expect and what the instructors will expect of you is the key to successful academic study. Learning how to study at the university level has the potential to require supplementary tutoring and intense learning techniques; especially for students who also suffer with specific learning conditions, like dyslexia or dyspraxia.

Academic reading and developing specific learning strategies require extensive techniques to manage your workload and meeting instructed deadlines. Students pursuing higher education are expected to complete an array of research writing assignments. This suggests that you must be aware of what custom goals, guides, and tools you have to implement as it relates to managing academic reading. We recommend that every student can clearly define what reading technique is most effective when discovering how to study for assignments. Then, you will be able to consider your goals, which will enable you to proceed.

When are ready to establish your goals, it is necessary for you to consider why you are reading. Students will also need to determine what they are attempting to learn. You can then start managing academic reading in accordance to your responses. Specifically, if your academic reading is to gain background information and/or to prepare for lectures, then you should avoid reading in great depth. On the other hand, if you are reading to prepare for an essay, then you must focus directly on the essay question. While managing academic reading, you should learn how to study a small section of the subject area in detail. Do not get distracted with unrelated academic reading and maintain focus by jotting down notes on the subject area, only.

Academic Sciences how to study guides are designed to help students select the appropriate text. When trying to balance your time and academic reading, it is imperative to decipher relevant books, articles, or journals. When you select a book for your writing assignment, read the publisher’s blurb on the cover or scan over the editor’s introduction and content page. Additionally, understand the author’s approach to the subject and if the reading is up-to-date as well as easy to follow. Lastly, because you are managing academic reading, be sure that anything you choose to read is helpful to your purpose.

Your academic reading should also depend on useful articles, research papers, or journals. Managing academic reading means that you have to be immensely critical about the content of your reading lists. Any useful literary sources are expected to summarise your subject in a useful way. Specifically, the information should possibly have a helpful literary review, conclusion, or discussion. Bottom line, the reading of your choice must be highly relevant to your essay and is likely that you can use it as a source.

Finally, as previously mentioned, when students are learning how to study at the university level, some of them suspect that they have dyslexia, dyspraxia, or even Aspergers. Each of these conditions is common amongst university level students when managing academic reading. If you feel that you may be one of these students, it is essential that you consider speaking with your student advisor to discuss a possible assessment. Academic Sciences employs qualified, graduate consultants that are committed to helping you develop specialised learning strategies and offer resources for students who think they may need special provisions to help with academic reading.


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