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How to Write an International Hospitality Management Essay

International Hospitality Management is a set of standards for a variety of tourism-related services and facilities. Globalisation has imposed the need for internationally-recognised standards in various domains; the international management of hospitality has been developed for offering high-quality services and products to customers and tourists around the world.

There are several domains under the study of international hospitality management concerns, such as customer experience, economics, work placement, business principles, strategic management and other related subjects. Therefore, one might state that hospitality management is a multifaceted subject. Consequently, the student, when learning how to write an international hospitality management essay, has to acquire a variety of bibliographical sources, requiring a rather prolonged research stage.

The Research Stage

As stated above, hospitality management is applied in multiple fields, being comprised out of several different components. Therefore, essay subjects might vary a lot. When learning how to write an international hospitality management essay, the student has to first determine the fields relevant for the chosen thesis, and focus on searching for the appropriate bibliographical sources. Make sure you have enough time for every stage of research, writing and revision by organising a schedule. Be aware of your writing abilities, so that you do not find yourself in a hurry before the deadline.

Both the Internet and public libraries can offer many useful books and papers regarding hospitality management. Google Scholar or Google Books can cater to the needs of students who need to learn how to write an international hospitality management essay. There are also specialised websites on the subject, such as the Journal of Hospitality Management, from which students may gather data or access useful links. However, blogs and encyclopaedia entries cannot be included in your reference list and you should use them only for acquiring additional information or for understanding the basics of hospitality management. Moreover, websites, unlike libraries, sometimes limit the number of pages that can be viewed. Lastly, pay attention to the year of the publication; in an academic essay, there is no room for outdated information.

The Writing Stage

Once you have all your materials selected and organised, you may proceed with writing the essay. One thing about learning how to write an international hospitality management essay is that the students have the opportunity of arguing for a certain point of view, depending on their own opinions, especially when it comes to cultural studies, branding and other similar subjects. Nevertheless, personal opinions are less likely to be included once the discussion moves towards more rigid topics such as economics or business management, studied from the hospitality management perspective.

  • The outline and introduction. When learning how to write an international hospitality management essay, you need to acknowledge the importance of using an outline as a schematic for the paper. By having a list of every step of your discussion, you will find that writing becomes considerably easier, and you will devise a well-written paper that has more chances of receiving a good mark. The introduction will expand on the thesis and provide a general idea regarding the discussed issues. You may also briefly mention the main bibliographical sources, with the stances of various authors regarding the subject. Overall, the goal of the introduction is to induce the audience a state of interest for what you are going to discuss in the paper.
  • The main body of the essay. When writing the main body of the essay, make sure you have all the bibliographical materials around you, so the work will flow smoothly and in an organised manner. If you know how to write an international hospitality management essay, you are capable of selecting the most relevant passages and paragraphs and use them as evidence for your thesis. The management of hospitality has both theoretical and practical aspects; consequently, with each presented theory or point of view, you should provide as many relevant examples and case studies in order to prove or disprove that certain viewpoint. Personal interpretations and opinions are to be justify to the end of the main body.
  • The conclusion. Once you have exposed all the arguments, a well-written conclusion should increase your chances of getting a high mark. Persuasion plays a key part in devising your conclusion, therefore choose your words carefully so that the reader will be justify with a sense of closure, and also understand the relevance of your paper. A student who knows how to write an international hospitality management essay will avoid introducing new information in his or her conclusion and try to underline what the academic community might gain from your work.
  • The works cited page and formatting style. Always respect your instructor’s indications regarding the format of the paper! Your reference page will contain all the cited works, respecting the formatting rules. When no formatting style has been requested, you may choose one from the most frequently used in academic writing, such as Harvard or APA.

The Revision Stage

A student who knows how to write an international hospitality management essay, or indeed any type of essay, acknowledges the revision of the text as an important step that may spell the difference between a well-written paper and a bad one. By using a spell-check and re-reading the essay, you will put yourself in the reader’s shoes and consequently learn what may be added or erased in order to attract better marks. Generally, two or three re-readings should eliminate any spelling errors and improve the use of language. Furthermore, think about what facts you might add, if you feel that your paper lacks sufficient credibility.

Academic Sciences can help students gain higher marks by offering proofreading and editing services, in order to improve the aspect and content of texts. Furthermore, some students may find that learning how to write an international hospitality management essay requires more time or resources that they can muster. In this regard, the essay and dissertation writing services will prove very useful to them, our professional writers being able to devise high-quality academic papers at accessible prices.


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