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How to Write a Music Essay


A Free Guide From Academic Sciences – How to Write a Music Essay

Understanding how to write a music essay will give students the opportunity to share why they prefer a particular style of song or music.  The purpose of a music research paper is to examine the historical pieces of music, the history or origins of a musical instrument, or to critique a musical performance.  This kind of writing assignment is similar to others in that you would start it as you would any other essay.  Otherwise, your main goal is to share a style of music with others, creating a cohesive paper that vividly defines how you arrive at your conclusion.

Preparing Your Paper

Before you start writing the paper, an Academic Sciences expert can assist you in determining what your stance or position will be.  In some cases, your professor may provide guidelines in regards to format and subject matter.  While finding out how to write a music essay, you have to determine if you want to create a persuasive essay, compare and contrast essay, or an argumentative piece.  Whichever style of writing you choose, it requires that you conduct extensive historical research to adequately substantiate your music essay.  You can find the historical data online via Highbeam, Google, Questia, Google Scholar, and books.  Additional information and facts are available in online databases or at your local library.  Remember, the style of your essay must remain relevant to your subject matter.

Writing Your Essay

As you are discovering how to write a music essay, it is critical that you create an in-depth Introduction that accentuates your favorite song or a certain style of music.  Typically, the introduction is one paragraph or less in length to explain the article’s content in a concise manner.  Your introduction may also include an illustration or statement, or even a quotation that you plan to discuss in your essay.  The content and tone of the subsequent paragraphs in the Main Body is determined by the type of essay style you select.

For instance, the compare and contrast style of essay must examine the merits and issues associated with both sides of the topic.  In a persuasive piece, you are expected to offer your critique of a musical performance.  While becoming skilled at how to write a music essay, it may benefit you to research reviews or attend similar performances to gain credible insight.  In either circumstance, it is imperative that each paragraph flows cohesively and links ideas for a smooth transition.  This enables your readers to clearly understand your thought process.

Your music essay must end with a compelling Conclusion.  To demonstrate that you are fully aware of how to write a music essay and you have engaged the reader in your topic, close out the essay with a brief, but empowering summary.  The conclusion sums up the body of your work by reiterating any key points initiated in the introduction and supported in the body.  Be sure that you document every source in the work cited or bibliography page.  Finally, students need to carefully proofread for issues relating to formatting, lack of flow, and the use of the English language, which will reveal that you have mastered how to write a music essay.


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