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How to Write a Marketing Essay

How to write a perfect 2:1 university standard marketing essay 



What is marketing?

If you want to learn how to write a marketing essay, a good start would be to have a keen knowledge of what marketing represents. A good marketing strategy is achieved by a thorough study of the many elements that offer market advantage and financial profit. Writing a good marketing essay should begin with deciding which elements are important in sustaining your thesis. A thorough research about the many aspects of marketing using viable sources of information is only the first step; the actual writing process requires careful attention on your behalf, because a good idea is worthless if you fail to get it across.  

It is important to know that writing a marketing essay, or indeed any essay, is more than simply putting words and ideas on paper. Expressing your thoughts and actually making people understand your opinions and accept your point of view requires not only for you to be keen on your subject, but to have strong writing skills as well.  


In marketing, as in other fields and sciences, it is good to start from the logical framework past experts have developed over the years. You, as a marketing consultant, have to study companies and products in order to understand their position within the market, and afterwards devise your own perspective on market advantage and business tactics. From there, you could apply theories like the ones developed by Philip Kotler and Michael Porter, or any other theoretical approach that can answer the issues you address in your paper.

The next step would be the gathering of a list of reference studies and books, but keep in mind that more is not always better. A lot of people trick themselves into believing that the more sources they cite, the better. Wrong. It is always better to have a list of high-quality, reliable sources that contain the right information about the specific subject your essay is about. Furthermore, try to select sources as recent as possible, preferably published by universities such asOxford,Cambridgeor Harvard. Such publishers have a lot more validity than newspapers or magazines. But you should not consider newspapers, magazines and websites completely useless and avoid citing them as sources. At least try to have a good balance between academic works and articles from magazines and web sites on your list. A marketing essay should contain about ten sources in order to make a good impression.

Once you write down your thesis, you should devise an outline of the essay, with notes about each of its sections. The outline will act as a plan or blueprint for your paper, helping you organise your arguments and build a strong case for your thesis. A good marketing outline should first of all have information about the expert framework and how it applies to the real world business environment. Afterwards it should contain relevant case study examples in order to argue the main idea. There are very many examples that can be included in your paper. Knowing how to write a marketing essay implies knowing how to choose among these examples in order to justify your point of view.

Case Studies

Case studies represent a good jumping point for you to understand how your topic might be relevant for both business leaders and market analysts. Underlining the potential of your discovery is also a good way to begin your essay: by summarising how your topic might be useful for the marketing environment, not only do you draw the reader’s attention, but you also find an easy solution to the tedious challenge of beginning your paper.

After writing the introduction, you need to approach your argument in a logical manner, discussing the topic step-by-step in order to have a natural and coherent flow of ideas. Use your outline as a road map, expanding on every idea with details and examples, and the body of your paper will portray your findings and opinions in a clear and convincing manner.

            Once you have exhausted your arguments and have set up a convincing case for your thesis, it is time to write your conclusions. Address any question that still remains and offer competent and convincing answers; you don’t want your audience to have any unanswered questions about the topic of your marketing essay. Try to cover as much as possible: what can people learn from your paper, or how your conclusions might prove useful in the future. You might also include recommendations and reflections before your actual conclusion.


            One of the most important things people overlook when writing an essay is the revision stage. The mistake of skipping this step can be quite costly. There are many reasons for revising an essay: you might forget about mentioning a certain important marketing problem or skip relevant ideas and so on. The more you analyse what you have written, the greater are your chances of bettering your work. Moreover, there is the possibility of coming across an idea that you can use in future essays. All in all, when you organise your time for writing the marketing essay, be sure to leave at least a day for revisions.


            The editing step is different from the revision. Editing concerns language use, while revision is concerned with ideas and information. Use a spell-check to spot any grammar errors, and make sure that your paper makes sense. A good technique of spotting errors is to read out loud what you have written. Moreover, do not be shy to show your marketing essay to someone who is keen on marketing – his feedback will be of great value to you.


            Lastly, pay attention to the format. Knowing how to write a marketing essay means covering every possible aspect, including the format of your paper. Many educators take this into consideration when grading papers, so make sure you write your essay into the requested format.

            In conclusion, remember that a good marketing essay is based on reliable sources, and it should be written with the utmost seriousness, paying attention to every detail, and capable to answer any question related to the topic under discussion. Thus, it will provide a firm statement of your qualities as a marketing specialist. 


Here is a selection of marketing resources which may help when creating the perfect marketing essay!





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