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How to Write a Management Essay

A Free Guide to Crafting a 2:1 Standard University Essay 



The reason many people read essays on management is to gather new insights on current trends and concepts found in today’s marketplace.  Management is not something that can be learned in the classroom, but is a soft skill that develops by observing practical examples that reflect various management theories.  When one wants to learn how to write a management essay, the first thing the student needs to do is to determine the appropriate expectations that readers of essays on management will have.  The ideal management essay will help provide new insights on an existing theory or will introduce a new idea or concept.  Essays should be relevant to contemporary theories by giving sound examples that support the premise of the new theory.

When you are learning how to write a management essay, it is important to select a topic that will explain an existing theory or will introduce a totally new concept in management theory.  The use of real life or personal experience examples will help to emphasise the important concepts of these theories, making the essay a memorable one.  The topics one can select from when deciding how to write a management essay can be chosen from the following: planning, organisational structure, motivating personnel and staff, providing compensation and so on.  The range of topics is very wide as far as theories on management go and its practices can touch nearly every aspect of a business and its operations.


Once you have selected a topic, the next thing you must do when deciding how to write a management essay is to establish its structure.  The majority of professional and academic styles of writing will have a standardised format: an introduction which usually includes a summary of the theory to be explained, the body of the paper, containing both supporting evidence and a complete explanation of the theory, followed by the conclusion, which again summarises the theory and makes distinct statements regarding the theory’s application in the marketplace.  In most essays, the introduction is where the author explains “what” the theory is about, while the body contains the “why” and “how” aspects.  In many contemporary writings, the authors make use of such writing techniques as headings and subheading, as well as bullet points and other visual organisational helps.

When a student is learning how to write a management essay, it is valuable to ensure that the body of the essay contains the theory in detail, providing both an explanation of the theory as well as exploring the pros and cons of that theory.  There is much more to knowing how to write a management essay then simply researching other writings and performing a literature review on the topic.  A properly written management essay always brings something new to discussion of the subject.  Once you understand how to write a management essay, you will see that it is the job of the writer to use an appropriate number of relevant examples which help to convince readers of the article of the validity of the theory and of its explanation.  In essence, the writer is “selling” the theory, creating a sales pitch that makes sense to the reader and drives home the salient elements of the theory.

Use of examples

One of the important points to remember when learning how to write a management essay is to be certain that the examples used are relevant and necessary.  Make sure that the examples used are taken from real life situations, and that they can be applied in the real market place.  The settings of these examples must contain enough detail so that the reader can identify with the scenario.  As most essays on management will employ ideas from multiple management theories, it is important to realise that the writer is not required to give examples for each of these theories, but only for the one which is the main topic of the current essay.


A well written essay should almost flow like a story.  The examples are spread out evenly throughout the writing, giving the reader an expectation that more good ideas and examples are yet to come.  Those examples are most powerful when the writer employs standard storytelling techniques when developing the example.  A failure to do so will render the essay monotonous and boring.   Students who have learned how to write a management essay will also be certain to use actual well-known companies in their examples, thus bringing some real credibility to their writing.

The writer needs to make sure that all of the theories and examples used in the essay have been extremely well researched and their sources appropriately documented.  Using resources common within the industry being discussed also helps in establishing the integrity of the essay and of the key theory discussed.  There are many different sources available, including such databases as Hoover’s and Neilson’s.  Periodic publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Business Week will also serve as excellent resources for the writer of management essays.


The style used for documenting reference sources for the typical management essay is the same as used by Harvard University.  This standard of source citations helps to ensure consistent uses of quoted materials, as well as of examples and various other primary documents.  Secondary sources must also be properly cited in the reference portion of the essay, specifically in the bibliography section.


When you have learned how to write a management essay, you will know that the conclusion essentially restates the summation of the main management theory.  It is an excellent place to include recommendations for the application of the theory as well as additional ideas for future research.  It is important that the conclusion contain decisive statements regarding the theory’s application in the marketplace.

Lastly, when learning how to write a management essay, the student should learn that contemporary essays need to be made searchable by today’s computer database search engines.  Essays should include such internet relevant mechanisms as meta-tags and keywords.  It is helpful to have certain keywords scattered throughout the essay, thereby rendering it searchable by any number of world wide web-search engines.

In essence, the most significant aspect of knowing how to write a management essay is to show all of the essential ideas the writer is attempting to set out.  It is the writer’s task to convince the reader that the theory being described has enough relevance in today’s marketplace, giving the essay’s conclusion a powerful closing.  If the writing is well done and internet savvy, the piece is more likely to be widely read and will gain significance and integrity among those who read and critique management essays.


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