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How to Write a First Class Essay

When writing a first class essay, a major concern is to properly acknowledge and understand the exact specifications requested by your instructor, keeping in mind all the written and verbal indications from your tutors who will examine you. In addition, if any question arises, do not hesitate to ask them before you start writing – this might save you time ineffectively spent by re-writing or correcting the text.

Prior to acquiring knowledge about how to write a first class essay, you have to bear in mind that your ideas should be presented in a clear and logical manner. The better you manage your ideas, the stronger your argument will be. The logical structures of argumentation contribute to your convincing power and, remember, there is no need to go into great detail, as your argument will be clearly explained and reinforced in the following section of the essay. There are several ways to learn how to write a first class essay. Firstly, you must ensure you have a solid argument and a proper structure to your essay, which encourages the reader to continue. Therefore, you should present your ideas in brief and clear paragraphs, making use of an imaginative style, good language skills and independent thinking. The structure of your essay will be based on that particular argument or issue you have chosen. In other words, it will answer the “what”, “how” and “why” questions of the main topic or argument. As a result, you will greatly improve your chances of achieving a high mark.


Although the structure varies for each essay, a pattern seems to emerge in how to write a first class essay. A well-written essay generally contains the following components: the introduction, the main body and the conclusion.

A first class essay starts with the introduction section and its importance is given by its role of stirring the reader’s interest in what is going to be discussed and what arguments will be used in order to convince them; a well-written introduction makes the reader more receptive towards the presented arguments. The introduction must be brief and the use of too many details should be avoided.

The main body is the longest part of the essay and it consists of an introductory sentence, the ideas you are attempting to convey, the supporting arguments and a concluding sentence, all structured in well-built paragraphs. The selected argument decides the number of paragraphs, yet, in essence, the main body is the section where the “what”, “why” and “how” questions will be answered. The “what” question is an important topic for your reader and therefore you have to evaluate each of your claims and bring as much evidence as you can in an attempt to make the reader understand your opinions and prove that you have a good knowledge of the subject. When answering the “how” question, bear in mind that the reader must understand if your statements are made for a generic subject or if they are only convincing on a specific or singular case. Furthermore, in writing a first class essay, remember that counterarguments should be brought against your own arguments – make an effort to carefully select your counterarguments just to make sure that your essay will provide a thorough presentation of the topic for discussion.

The next step in learning how to write a first class essay is answering the “why” question. You have to know your reader and anticipate whether they will understand and fairly criticise your arguments. Pay attention to the fact that the reader has the right to know the reasons behind the subjects you have chosen to present; therefore, make sure that your essay is easy to comprehend.

If you want to write a first class essay, you have to deliver a good presentation of your arguments. After all, they are the most important part of your essay. Summarising the arguments is a structural error that will weaken your work. Therefore, structuring the arguments and making them look like a debate will stir the reader’s interest. Another common mistake in a poorly written first class essay is forgetting to present a strong theoretical base. Consequently, defend and strengthen your own point of view regarding the topic you have chosen to discuss in your essay by means of adequate sources of reference.

Properly using significant remarks to highlight or reinforce the strong points discussed in the main body will earn you a higher mark. A well-written conclusion will remove any doubt from the reader about the validity of your methods and will recap the discussion, revealing the appropriateness of your viewpoint and the relevance of your discovery.

Originality and Knowledge

Learning how to write a first class essay also includes a proper presentation of the essay itself. You need to organise your document so that the reader can easily understand your view on the topic. It is recommended that you adopt an impersonal and informal style and offer a sense of professionalism suitable for an academic paper.

A first class essay needs to be original and well thought out, demonstrating your ability to think independently. In addition, your ideas must be presented in a clear manner to the reader, encouraging him or her to carry on reading to discover more. It is advisable to compare and contrast different academic opinions, which will make your own argument stronger. Instructors expect you to have a good understanding of the text. In order to articulate and communicate your own understanding, you will often find it necessary to translate the language of other writers into a form representing your own perspectives that is comprehensible to your audience. During this stage you will reflect on your understanding of the specific subject, which will consequently enable you to appreciate your own level of comprehension and construct the arguments and counterarguments required in a balanced debate.

For an adequate documentation process, most beneficial when learning how to write a first class essay, websites such as Google Scholar, Google Books and Springer Link are recommended. If you lack time, knowledge and confidence, you can get essay writing advice in the essay-writing section of our website. It is important to keep in mind the exact formatting style requested by your instructor. If there are no style format requests, then you are recommended to use either Harvard or APA, which are more frequently used in academic essay writing.


The final step in writing a first class essay, before submitting it to your teacher, is the proofreading. Once the essay is finished, revision is required in order to correct grammar, spelling or logic flow errors. To achieve this, you can read the paper again yourself, ask friends to help you find the errors, use a spell check or just have the text revised by a professional, at the Academic Science editing and proofreading section.


Are you struggling with the perfect first class essay? Academic Sciences is able to provide custom essays and model answers which can help you manage your first class essay writing and get the grade you want. We have a variety of solutions available to you to suit your academic level, time frame and budget. Have a look through our academic guides and if you are still struggling, consider giving us a call or placing an order for an essay on-line. 

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