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The Academic Sciences Blog

Benefits of custom essay writing services!

You will find that there are a number of services available for writing essays. Whether you are an academic, student or a professional, there come times when you need to write well-researched essays based on tremendously unique subjects and topics. There are a number of potential reasons because of which you may find yourself unable

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BBC News – Moorhead Primary School blames council for academy delay

A Derby primary school has accused the city council of getting in the way of its plan to become an academy.Moorhead Primary School says its scheduled switch on 1 September is under threat because of the authoritys refusal to sign a key document.The contract asks Derby City Council to accept liability for any staff legal …

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BBC News – End of empire for Western universities?

By the end of this decade, four out of every 10 of the world’s young graduates are going to come from just two countries – China and India.

The projection from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows a far-reaching shift in the balance of graduate numbers, with the rising Asian economies accelerating …

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BBC News – Labour defends university expansion as good for economy

Labour has defended the rise in the number of university places that happened while it was in power.

Shadow higher education minister Shabana Mahmood said more graduates would help Britain compete with emerging economies.

Her remarks came in a lecture to the University Alliance group of business-focused universities.

Libby Hackett, of University Alliance, said the …

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Computer Science Enjoying Popularity Boost in Colleges | Education News

For years, the media has conveyed a constant lamentation over the paucity of U.S.-produced STEM college graduates — but the truth is that many colleges are having problems satisfying the high student demand for technology courses. Popularity of one of STEM pillars — Computer Science — has been growing on college campuses over the past …

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BBC News – UK university joins US online partnership

Edinburgh University is to be the first UK institution to join an influential US-based online university project.Edinburgh is part of a major expansion in the Coursera project – which is going to see 12 more universities providing online courses.The online platform was set up this year with content from US institutions including Stanford and Princeton.…

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Mathematics Education: Being Outwitted by Stupidity | Education News

Mathematics Education: Being Outwitted by Stupidity | Education News.


Recent times have seen an increase in the number of students with learning difficulties, many showing difficulties within mathematics education. Some data suggests that the figures have risen as much as three times since the 1970’s.

Reid Lyon (2001) states that children from less

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The most beneficial essay writing tips!

If you are to write an essay for academic purposes, no matter what the level or subject, time is of the essence and hence, you need to budget your time for a great, complete essay. Expertise and knowledge of the subject is another aspect that needs to be paid attention to. If you are looking

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50,000 fewer students apply for university as tuition fees soar to £9,000 – Telegraph

50,000 fewer students apply for university as tuition fees soar to £9,000 – Telegraph.

The Telegraph has reported that up to 50,000 students will forego their opportunity to a higher education due to a spike in tuition fee’s. With the average student spending 3 years at university, they are set to sink a hefty …

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How to write an essay?


Many students are faced with the mammoth task of creating essay after essay, but many people are still unsure of how to write an essay, where to start and even how to finish. How to write an essay depends on the type of paper that you have been asked to write. Essay writing is a

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